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Custom Dashboard & Reports

Your dashboard can be customized to meet your needs. Integration of 3rd-party apps, custom reporting, and specific functionality catered to your event.

Ticketing & Registration

Other companies in the industry focus either on ticketing or registration. But our flexible platform allows us to specialize in both, a perfect option for any event.

100% Customization & Flexibility

No limits on event website look and feel or on technical functionality. Our solution capabilities are limited only by our own collective creativity.


Auction Platform

Our auction platform can support your live, silent, and online auction requirements.

Email Communications

Manage marketing campaigns, send invitations, communicate with attendees.

All Features

Social Integration

Leverage viral opportunities via integration with social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Online Security

Secure transactions and practices to protect your attendees' private data.

Advanced Logic

Streamline the checkout process through customized, logic-based registration paths.

Customer Support

24/7 email and phone support for your team and your event attendees.

NIBBLE Ticketing Goals

Deliver Customized Solutions
Ensure Event Success
Maximize Client ROI

Our Mission Statement

To enable positive change in the lives of our clients, their staff, and their customers. We accomplish this by providing the right solutions for all involved, building relationships of trust and partnership, and maximizing their return on investment.

Our Competitors

There are many ticketing and registration platforms out there to choose from. We encourage you to explore the market and see for yourself how they stack up against NBBL Ticketing. Get in touch if you have any questions or feel NIBBLE is the right option for you!

Other ticketing platforms

Why NIBBLE Ticketing?

Yep, no more fighting a third-party system to make it look a certain way. No more using provided templates or limiting layout structure. Our system is completely flexible on the front end to look and feel just how you want it to - like a custom website would be.

And here's the kicker...our team will do all the work!

The other providers out there are mainly focused on providing you with technology and tools to support your event's ticketing and registration requirements. Although this is a high priority of ours as well, we also understand that a successful event goes far beyond the technology platform. Sometimes the smallest adjustments can have tremendous impact to attendee satisfaction and bottom-line event income, and we're not about to let these opportunities for our clients slip through the cracks.

"The Cloud" has opened up so many possibilities for organizations of all sizes and with all ranges of technology budgets. So why is finding the right solution so tricky? Well, most companies are box makers.

However, NIBBLE Ticketing has flipped this model. We don't build boxes. We believe in custom solutions that are flexible to whatever the needs of the clients are. Our platform was built with flexibility and adaptation in mind, so that every event website can look different, function different, and deliver different results for clients than other platforms in the market. Our clients are not limited to what their site can do...

Data is very powerful. Often times in the event business, decisions are made on gut feelings or "that's what we've always done" habits. Even if event stakeholders and producers know this is being done, they're unsure of how to obtain the data they need to drive fact-based decisions. That's where NBBL can help.

We have a four-step process to ensure each client implements and benefits from data that's valuable to their success goals.

Each client has their event goal(s) in mind, and most of the time the main one is to generate as much revenue as possible for the organization or the cause. This is typically done through ticket sales prior to the event, and money-generating activities during the event (such as an auction). But...

  • What if we could help maximize the revenue generated through ticket sales?
  • What if we could help uncover new revenue streams your team hasn't thought about or didn't think was even possible?

Would this alone be worth your time to speak with us?

We are a relationship company that believes in partnerships. Our vendors and partners work with us because we aim for win-win outcomes, and demand the same philosophy and business practices from them. How can a NBBL Ticketing client benefit from our vendor and partner relationships?

Through distribution channels, service vendors partnerships, and offering enhancements, our relationships can have a drastic impact on our clients and their events.

Auctions and raffles are a fantastic way to raise money for an organization or cause leading up to and during an event. There are also some great technology providers and local companies that can help facilitate your event-auction logistics. But guess what? Yep, we can handle your auction and raffle as well.

There is a lot that goes into maximizing the revenue generated from your auction/raffle. NBBL can help through technology integration, item procurement, facilitation, and target participant awareness efforts. 

Most event technology providers focus their efforts on the “online” component of your event only. We know that a robust event ticketing platform is extremely important, but that it’s also just one step to achieving overall event success. Your attendees experience while entering, exiting, and interacting during the event is directly tied to their decision to attend future events and even participate in live components such as the auction.

NBBL doesn't limit its offering to the technology and consulting side. Our team will help with the on-site services as well, to help our clients ensure attendee satisfaction and revenue is maximized.

Premiere event stakeholders and producers don't stop once the event ends. A key to growing and becoming better is to incorporate a period of self evaluation, and the event business is no different. NIBBLE is here long after your attendees leave, because there's important work to be done and we want to help.

NIBBLE Ticketing provides post-event reporting and consultation to ensure your next event is even a bigger success.

NIBBLE We're ready to work for you